True Friends in a World of Online Acquaintances

True Friends in a World of Online Acquaintances

According to statistics, the average Facebook user has 155 buddies. Are all those we call “good friends” today actually our pals? What makes them so?

Truthfully, I would certainly state that a lot of the people on my “good friend” listing are not those I ‘d have a specific nearness to, and also some are “friends of a friend.” But Facebook has aided us out. We can designate someone as a “close” close friend or “colleague,” which determines how regularly you get their information and also updates. As well as we never truly need to hear from the “buddies” we’re not curious about because we can “conceal” them. We can even “unfriend” somebody, and also they ‘d never recognize unless they inspected their pal listing. With the typical buddy listing of 150, that’s truly gon na take the time to do that?

Yet is this exactly how our friendships should create? Should we be so casual in our approach, or is there extra that the Lord has for us in our friendships?

Paul’s Instance

Just recently, I’ve been investing a lot of time in Colossians 4, and also it struck me that Paul had a great deal of buddies. He recognized his pals totally as well as might provide particular recommendations concerning how the Lord was using them in gospel ministry. So I assume a much better approach to specifying, developing, as well as maintaining friendships originates from the example of the apostle Paul, not our preferred social networking system. Below are the type of friends Paul had and the kind of buddies that I value as well as try to grow.

The Thick-and-Thin Close Friend– Aristarchus (v. 10).

This is the buddy that is there through the great and also poor. They will certainly walk with you via the darkest evenings and also the sunniest of days, both with happiness and also loyalty. Aristarchus was by Paul’s side throughout troubles, shipwrecks, as well as jail (Acts 19:29, 27:2; Col. 4:10).

The Pal with Issues– Mark (v. 10).

This is the close friend we’ve had some problems with, however we have actually committed to laying aside our differences to help as well as motivate one another in the faith. Mark had actually deserted the objective to return to his home in Jerusalem (Acts 13:13, 15:36– 38). We don’t understand the particulars of the conflict, simply that Mark left when Paul as well as others had expected him to remain and also complete the work. However, Paul later complimented Mark’s helpfulness to him in the ministry as well as asked the church to invite him if he visited them (Col. 4:10; 2 Tim. 4:11).

The Friends Who Are Kin as well as a Convenience– Justus (v. 11).

Justus, together with Mark as well as Aristarchus, was among the few Jewish Christians who were with Paul to comfort as well as encourage him. Paul experienced opposition from his very own countrymen (2 Cor. 11:26), so to have these bros by his side must have been a wonderful comfort to him. There is something unique about a buddy who has some familial connection or that at least comes from a comparable history or culture as well as can relate to and comfort us in our battles.

The Prayer Warrior– Epaphras (v. 12– 13).

Most of us require a good friend such as this, that struggles on our behalf in their prayers! This was Epaphras. He started the church at Colossae as well as most likely loaded Paul know the dangers to the Church. It would certainly take volumes to detail right I have actually been directly encouraged, strengthened, boosted in faith, mixed to obedience, full of joy, and grown in my walk with Christ because of the petitions of bosom friends.

The Enjoyed as well as Devoted Pal– Luke (v. 14).

This was his pal, Dr. Luke. He had actually gone along with Paul on several of his missionary journeys and also was with him throughout his imprisonments (Philem. 24; 2 Tim. 4:11; Col. 4:14). Like Aristarchus and others, Luke was a devoted buddy who was very much loved by Paul. We all require those friends whom we enjoy with a godly love, that would come barefoot as well as pajama-clad with a Scripture, a prayer, and a Snickers in our time of need.

The Friends Who Fail United States as well as Succumb To the Globe– Demas (v. 14).

Demas was with Paul in prison, experiencing for the sake of the gospel and stood together with Luke as one of Paul’s close friends (Philem. 24). We find out later on that Demas tried to have one foot in the kingdom and one foot on the planet (2 Tim. 4:10). Yet Paul maintained him close and also remained to urge him until his heart verified where his loyalties lay. Most of us have good friends that do not seem to be strolling in a fashion deserving of the Lord, as well as we require to adhere to Paul’s example by keeping them close, motivating them, and also praying fervently for them (Col. 1:9– 11).

The Good Friend That Sticks Closer Than a Sibling.

Buddies serve fantastic functions in our lives, as well as we can be the kind of buddy that is loyal, faithful, reassuring, and prayerful, despite our problems and also problems. However, for the Christian, no earthly friendship compares to the relationship that we show to Christ with belief in Him. During Old Testament times, only Moses as well as Abraham were called close friends of God (Ex Lover. 33:11; Isa. 41:8), but now Christ calls us His good friends. Why? Since He loved us in a way that nothing else good friend could potentially contrast. He offered His life for us.

Jesus Christ, our Rescuer and Friend, has actually brought us into His inner circle via attrition and confidence in His atoning work. Whatever the Father made known to Him, He has actually made known to us (John 15:13– 15). He has shared with us the most intimate information of His life– just how He came, just how He would certainly live and pass away, how He would certainly save us by His death.

Any way our earthly relationships may measure up, we can be sure that there’s not another good friend like Him. We can trust Him with one of the most intimate information of our and also our close friends’ lives. He guarantees to be our Comforter. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is the Close friend most worth having, and He is the kind of pal we need to most desire to be like.

Do you know Him as your Good friend? Take a moment to bless Him and also your other friends in the comments area.

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