• Thursday , 21 March 2019

Webcams: the fabulous virtual sex business

Showing on camera is a fabulous business in the online world. Thousands of girls spend hours naked in front of the screen in search of eager users to leave them some money. In economically beaten countries like Romania, many girls only work in this activity and earn the equivalent of a monthly salary.

Alexa lives in Romania and gets up at 6 in the morning, turn on the computer, connect her webcam and enter her site. She starts by saying ‘welcome guys’ and after a while, some users will ask her to take off her clothes and she clarifies that for that she needs ‘tokens’ – transfer of tokens that are later exchanged for money. She does not work on anything other than the webcam and can live -or survive- with what she earns.

All the conversations that take place in her room and other teen cams are in English, except in some specific cases. But most of the girls shown by the cam today are from Romania or some other Eastern European country, such as Bulgaria or Moldova. There are also Russian, Greek, Spanish and Colombian.

Exactly, between Romania and Colombia the scepter is disputed by the amount of girls who work in this new online business, which bill millions and is rage all over the world. They are not prostitutes, but ‘ordinary’ women of all ages who have no shame in showing themselves or doing what the virtual ‘client’ asks of them. What they seek is to get money in exchange for showing naked or performing erotic show. And obviously, it has nothing to do with the sites to meet people and be in appointments. Increasingly, pages appear where there is the possibility to register, complete some personal data and connect the camera.