• Monday , 19 August 2019

Top Reasons Why Escorts Accept Credit Cards

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Despite the fact the most escort services refuse credit card payments, credit card escorts do exist. Actually, there are several reasons why escort services should accept credit cards as the only payment option. We are living in a technologically advanced world where banking has evolved and clients no longer what to leave cash at the side table. Here are some of the reasons why credit card escort services prefer that payment method.

It’s a great screening method

Accepting credit cards is a nice way for escort services to carry out screening processes. Credit cards relay all the clients’ information and they are a great way to verify that they are who they say they are. When clients present themselves using different names from those on the card, they will know immediately.

On top of that, law enforcements, scammers, and thieves rarely use credit cards so it is always easy to avoid them.

No cash exchanges hands

Discretion is a major concern when it comes to escort services. Most cases, clients are simply told to leave donations at the table or by the door. However, certain clients hand over the cash to the escorts. Clients also feel uncertain of how to hand the cash to the escort, which makes it hard.

Security deposits

Credit card payment methods are secure, hence they rule out any scammers and time wasters. Some clients schedule their appointments and fail to show up, which is usually a loss for the escort agency. However, once they ka e a credit card payment a day prior, whether they show up or not, the agency incurs no losses. This means that the escort service will only receive serious clients who are not looking to waste their time.

Ensures safety

When clients pay with credit cards, it eliminates the need for escorts to carry wads of cash with them, which pauses a safety threat. When clients pay using credit cards, the money is deposited directly into the escorts’ bank accounts. This ensures that they are not robbed or mugged by robbers after servicing the clients.

Apart from this, some clients choose to rob the escorts after using them. They leave without making payments, which means the escorts end up without money. With credit cards, this never happens as they pay prior to seeing the escorts.

Keeping records

For escorts that want to keep records, credit card payments are an easy way to do that. Most escorts and their clients prefer not to use credit cards for privacy issues. However, keeping track of payments is one way for escorts to keep their finances in order. Escorts will have an easier time of tracking their finances through the card transfers and deposits. Credit card payments are simply safer and more convenient compared to other methods.


In addition to all these, clients also feel that credit card escorts are simply the best. This is because they can make payments easier without having to feel awkward or anything.