• Sunday , 18 November 2018

The pros and cons of in-calls

In-call escorts versus outcall escorts is easiest one of the top three questions men ask themselves when they consider seeing an escort. It should be the second actually after ‘Do I want to see an escort?’ Answering the question is easy because often your circumstancesand lifestyle decide for you. All you have to ask yourself is ‘what will make me feel most comfortable’.

In-call just means you visit the escort either at her home or a place she is renting, or a hotel, which either of you could have chosen. The opposite of this is an outcall when an escort will travel to her client.

Besides your preference, you should also know that out-calls can be more expensive because the rate reflects travel costs. This is normal and is not like VAT charged at a flat rate so anyone who asks an escort to break down what she charges specifically for travel might end up feeling a little bit embarrassed. Just consider it noted in the fee.

Why choose an in-call

  • You feel more in control

When you meet a first date on neutral territory, both parties tend to feel more at ease because they can leave if things are not working out with not many personal details shared. This neutral territory when meeting an escort can be a hotel, but then it could be her home or somewhere she rents specifically for business. A lot of men say that they feel more relaxed during in-calls because they can research the location ahead of time, make sure they feel safe visiting, and bail if for whatever reason things are not working out. Your address and big personal details remain anonymous.

  • More privacy

Some of our clients are married or have a family so inviting an escort into their home might make them feel uncomfortable and could be risky if someone might potentially catch them in the act. Not all men are able to entertain at their home for lots of different reasons and we respect that, but they should still be able to have their fun. When you show up at your escort’s door, wherever that might be, you can adopt whatever persona you like and that is quite empowering, particularly for clients who are shy or reserved.

Why choose an out-call?

  • Element of surprise

Although you will know how your escort looks because you will have seen authentic photos of her (remember we taught you this here [insert hyperlink]), to get butterflies in your stomach is a great feeling. It means you are alive. Clients seek out escorts to satisfy many different desires and loneliness is often one so this might be a rare occasion to have a woman purposely visit and look their best for you. That is an occasion to enjoy and could be considered part of the foreplay too.

  • It is easier

Of course it is because you are already there waiting. The most you will need to do is tidy your place, or smooth out the hotel sheets, clean yourself up and be patient. A house is like a piece of armour in some respects so just being there will put you in a positive headspace. If you have a fancy pad, you might want to show it off too. It could be a great ice breaker.