• Sunday , 20 October 2019

Tantra Massage – Therapy or Pleasure?

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Tantra massage is, by definition, a sensual therapy for the body and mind whose benefits have been highly appreciated for hundreds of years. If you’ve never tried this type of massage before, you have all the reasons to do it, since it’s a great experience. In this article, we will talk about tantra massage and its major advantages.

What is tantra massage?

Though you might think that tantra massage has the sole role to tackle erotic senses, it actually does much more than that. This type of massage is based on Indian and Thai massage techniques and is perfect for the whole body, not only for erogenous areas and sexual organs. There are numerous similarities between regular and tantra massage; for example, any tantra massage session will begin by applying aromatic oils that will fluidize blood circulation while relaxing the muscles and warming the skin.

Then, in order to release all the tension accumulated in the body, the masseuse will focus on and stimulate certain areas. For women, these areas are the neck, shoulders, and upper back. In men, massaging the buttocks and the pelvis area has great results.

Who can enjoy tantra massage?

Tantra erotic massage is ideal for anyone who wants to relax in a very pleasant way. Oftentimes, people with stressful jobs choose this type of massage for its awesome stress-relieving techniques. Moreover, those who want to spice up their couple life can definitely take tantra massage into account. Perhaps you didn’t know this already, but massage saloons offer couples the option to enjoy tantra massage together. This is a unique experience for both partners and an amazing way to keep the passion burning.

What are the main benefits of tantra massage?

Tantra massage is a wonderful way to relax and enhance your sex life. When talking about couple life, releasing sexual tension occurs within a professional tantra massage session, when the partners’ necks and ears are touched. The person applying this technique uses their thumbs to gently press along the spine, going up to the back of the neck. Next, the masseuse will focus on the neck area, using circular motions. The ears (the lobes of the ears, to be more precise) and other important erogenous areas are also massaged by circular movements using the thumb and forefinger.

Regarding relaxation, the other major benefit of tantra massage, we have to mention that this type of massage also uses acupressure techniques. Actually, if we’re solely talking about relaxation, tantra massage doesn’t really differ from the typical relaxation massage.

Overall, tantra massage relaxes the body, frees the mind, and promotes wellbeing. The benefits of such a message are, however, only experienced within a specialized massage salon, where experienced masseuses can help you relax and enhance your couple life.