• Tuesday , 11 December 2018

Tail Buttplugs for Women!

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If you are a woman and you are into anal, maybe it is time for you to move a little ahead than that.

But what’s ahead of anal?

You wonder.

Well, there is something called a tail buttplug! We are talking about a beautiful plug that can be inserted deep into your butt. Since it has a tail, you turn into a gorgeous human pet for yourself, in case you want to go solo on your body, or for your partner, in case you are planning to make love tonight.

If your partner has been sharing fantasies of making you obey his commands, maybe you can give him a chance wearing a tail. When you show him the tail and he sniffs it, you give him a signal that it is time for him to make you bend and do dirty things that have always been in his mind. If he has always been slow and steady in his approach in bed, just to make you comfortable with his touch, you can now make him go mad with the help of a beautiful tail. Let him know you are his obedient woman pet for the night and he can make you do anything that he wants!

You may not want to be submissive in front of him – maybe you want to be the dominant once and for all, just to enjoy dominating him just the way you have been thinking about all this while. If you want to do that, be a monster with a monster’s tail in your butt. Let him know who the boss is and he will surely let you do everything you need. It all depends upon what the two of you decide. However, in either case, you surely need a nice tail butt plug for yourself.

There is another reason why you should go for a tail butt plug – straight men like trying anal, too! We are not talking about a man inserting himself in your butt, but about a man feeling something inserted into his. If you are a man reading this and the thought has enticed you already, maybe you are hiding your innermost feelings and desires; maybe it is time you spoke about this with your partner. If she gets along well with you in bed, she would understand and welcome a butt plug the next time you get intimate. Visit www.buytailplugs.com for more info