• Tuesday , 11 December 2018

Sneaky Condom Mistakes You Should Never Make

While condoms play an essential role in protecting you during sex, they do not provide absolute safety. To minimize the likelihood of either becoming pregnant or acquiring an STI, there are key mistakes which you should avoid as much as possible every time you make use of a condom. These mistakes are given thus;

Mistake 1: Thinking condoms are the best form of protection against pregnancy and STIs

While condoms potentially avoid such diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV, they don’t always prove successful barriers to other infections. A good example is the HPV which can be transmitted through skin-to-skin and can be transmitted even with condoms. This implies that you need to carefully and perfectly use it all the time.

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Mistake 2: Using a condom that’s been stored in a wallet

This is a common practice. But constant sitting of the condom tends to heat it up and possibly break degrade its protective benefit. You need to go for a new one.

Mistake 3: Using the wrong size

When you make use of a wrong sized condom with improper fitting, you expose yourself to more risk especially when your guy whips out the magnum. It’s important you get yourself prepared.

Mistake 4: Putting it on inside out

You need to pay close attention to any sign of struggle while putting on the condom. When you notice such, you are simply on the wrong side. There are air pockets already, just grab a new one.

Mistake 5: Forgetting to pinch the tip

Most guys forget to pinch the tip. The pressure from ejaculation can cause a leak from the sides of the condom. The little reservoir at the tip is very important.

Mistake 6: Relying on two condoms for “extra” safety

Though the rationale behind this is for extra safety, that’s not a good one. There is increased friction between two condoms which makes them more likely to break.

Mistake 7: You don’t change condoms when necessary

If you don’t change condom when switching from anal to vaginal sex, you simply will be transporting rectal bacteria into the vagina. Again, a change is necessary after ejaculation to limit chances of semen slipping out.

Mistake 8: Not using enough lube

Switching positions can cause a break in the condom. Though condoms come with some level of lubes, it may not serve the entire period. To avoid this problem, you need to add some more lubricants.

Mistake 9: You snuggle post-orgasm even while he’s still inside you

If you leave him still inside you while enjoying the cuddle session, the condom may fall off and you will have the little boys right at the spot you don’t want them.

if you really want to assist the condom while achieving a close to absolute safety, then you must avoid, as much as possible, these mistakes, and also get your condoms from reliable suppliers who can guarantee the quality of their product. Pleasures ‘N’ Treasures is such a good place to look.