• Monday , 30 November 2020

Italian dating: How to win an Italian man’s heart

How to date Italian men

Italy looks like paradise and Italian men are one of the most charismatic guys in the world. Find out how to date Italian men and what it is like.

Dating is an exciting period in every person’s life: it’s time to know new attractive people better, to communicate, walk together and do lots of amazing and interesting things with someone you like. There’s one thing that can make the dating process even more amazing: dating a foreigner is something that shows you another wonderful culture and enlarges your experience a lot. Lots of people meet their soulmates and future partners while travelling and exploring the world: it’s extremely easy to fall in love with a beautiful country and in one of the attractive singles living there. That’s why lots of women are into gorgeous Italian guys: Italy is perfect, so Italians are wonderful too.

Italian guys are pretty famous for being absolutely irresistible: their charm and charisma are their significant features which help them to make new friends and to find partners. Sociable and talkative Italian men are always in the spotlight: they are so full of life and energy that it’s almost impossible not to become mad about them. If you love humorous and flirty men with self-confidence and passion inside, then Italian guys are great for you. Lots of women find them attractive and it’s not only because of their looks: their personalities are as attractive as their appearance.

If you want to date an appealing Italian man, then you need to know a bit about their culture and unwritten dating rules which exist in every country in the world. We’re all different and that’s beautiful: Italy has its traditions and stereotypes about dating and relationships which can help you in dating Italians correctly. To be successful in dating and to have a nice dating experience with a handsome Italian guy, you shouldn’t forget that:


  • Passion is everything. Have you ever been to Italy? If the answer is “yes”, then you probably know that these people are full of fire inside them. They live and love with style: their clothing is usually perfectly stylish and neat and their courtship is unforgettable. They speak, joke, cook and do almost everything with passion and energy. It’s very contagious: they can make you dance and laugh so easily that you will forget anything and open your heart really soon. They are great for relationships too because they are extremely romantic and full of desire: all the compliments, humour, presents and romantic dates will give you an amazing feeling of being in a fairy tale. The only thing you shouldn’t forget that they are sociable and loveable not only with you, but with lots of people as well, so enjoy your attention and be careful;
  • Italians are possessive. When you’re in a relationship with an Italian guy, then expect him to be jealous a lot. There are lots of stereotypes about Italians being influenced by macho-culture and behaving respectively, and most of them are pretty true. If you’re dating an Italian guy, then he will probably want the whole world to know that you’re his woman. While some ladies love this attitude, the others are not that excited;
  • They love cooking and eating delicious food. It’s obvious: Italy is well-known for being one of the best gastronomical places on Earth, so millions of tourists go there every year to enjoy its delicious cuisine. Lots of men can cook masterfully there: it’s a pretty normal thing to meet a man who cooks better than an average chef and knows lots of recipes. Another thing you need to remember is that he’ll probably expect you to cook: while there are lots of men who prefer to cook by themselves or share cooking with their ladies, there are also lots of men with a rather conservative and patriarchal attitude. If you love cooking and adore Italian cuisine, then Italians are perfect for you;
  • Their family bounds are very strong. The last but not least – Italian guys love their families and respect their relatives very much. Lots of Italian guys live with their parents until they’re about 30 and ready to start their own family. They tend to spend a lot of time together and it’s essential for a man in Italy to listen to his parent’s opinions and their advice about everything. It’s especially true about their mothers: Italian men love their moms and sisters and deeply respect them. If you want to have a great relationship with an Italian man, then make his mom like you: it will increase your chances a lot!

Being with an Italian handsome guy is sometimes very intense, but it’s worth the effort: they can give you so much of their attention, affection and romance that you’ll remember these relationships forever!