• Monday , 19 August 2019

Incredible Reasons Why Sex Makes You Smarter

This may come as a surprise to some, but recent studies show that masturbating and having sex makes you smarter! That’s right! Having sex with your partner doesn’t only feel good, but it also enhances your health and it’s good for your brain. Turns out that there’s so much more to sex and masturbating than simple pleasure! So grab your partner or pull out your realistic dildo and have some fun.

Some of you may already know that having sex and masturbating is good for your health. The reason behind this lies in the fact that, when you’re sexually active, the brain releases certain chemicals that have a positive effect on both your regular physical health as well as your sexual health. But did you know that, besides the fact that it is good for your body, having sex also has a positive effect in your brain? Having sex does, in fact, make us smarter! Studies conducted by the University of Oxford have linked an active sex life with improved brain function. And this is especially noticeable among the elderly in our society. So I guess it’s fair to say that sex does not only make you smarter, it also keeps you young! Here are 5 reasons why having some action under the blankets makes you smarter.

  • Increase the number of brain cells

This first sex fact may come as a big surprise, but it has actually been proven that having sex regularly helps to grow the number of neurons in the brain. As a result, the brains of people who have sex often will generate more brain cells in their hippocampus area; the area of the brain that is associated with information retention. It is worthy to note, however, that this only is the case if you have sex on a regular basis. So, if you want to stay smart, remember to have sex frequently!

  • Improve your memory

As mentioned above, having sex frequently helps to grow the area of your brain that is associated with information retention. As a result, you’ll be able to easier dig up and recall information from your brain and memories. In fact, scientists who are specialized in brain studies noticed that mice who have sex frequently have a much better learning capability and memory than those who don’t. It’s worth stating here that mice and human have similar mammalian physiology, thus making this study applicable to humans a well. Another study performed on actual (elderly) humans has shown to us that people between the age of 50 and 100 who have frequent sex have a much better memory compared to people who don’t have sex.

  • Reduce your stress

Stress is a real killer when it comes to mental, physical, and sexual health. Sadly enough, in today’s busy world, there is plenty of stress and little time to relax. Luckily, there is an easy and fun way to reduce your stress levels: SEX! Both sex and solo masturbation release a number of chemicals in the brain that makes you feel better and help you to relax. As a result, you’ll be able to focus and concentrate on your work. Another benefit is that both sex and masturbation reduce your blood pressure. This, in turn, lowers your chances of getting heart disease and diabetes.

  • Improve your self-esteem

Intelligence is not only related to your actual IQ, but also to the way in which you feel about yourself. In other words, having good self-esteem is good for your mental health. And although this might be pretty obvious to most of us, it’s still worth mentioning that having sex is one of the best ways to increase your self-esteem. Both men and women are feeling much better and more confident about themselves after having sex. Not having sex, on the other hand, reduces your self-esteem. People who do not have sex regularly often suffer from lower self-esteem, self-doubt, and other negative feelings towards themselves. So if you want to feel confident throughout the day, why not start off your day with some exciting morning sex?

  • Reduce mental and physical pain

Both mental and physical pain are burdens that can withhold a person from performing at his or her best during the day. Luckily, both types of pains can be easily reduced by having sex! When a person has sex, the brain releases beta-endorphins. As a result, both your physical and mental pain levels will be reduced. This explains the reason why people often feel better after having sex both physically and mentally. So the next time you’re not feeling too well, forget about visiting the doctor. Having sex is the best natural medicine!

In case you do not have a partner, there is no reason to worry. Masturbating brings along the same benefits and effects as having actual sex. So, if you’re alone in your room and not feeling well, why not play yourself? You can either use your hands or try out one of the latest sex toys that will help you rock your world. Not only do these adult toys make you feel good, but they also brighten your mood and make you smarter!