• Tuesday , 20 November 2018

How to Have Fun in Prague Like a Pro (Even if You’re On a Budget)

The jewel of the Czech Republic is one of the most exciting, adventurous, and tantalizing places that you can put on your bucket list. Proof positive that the capital city has something for everyone.

The only truly difficult thing about putting together this list was keeping it from becoming a novel. Prague is an exceptional place. No matter what type of fun speaks to you most, chances are – there’s a Prague for that. They have everything, from some of the greatest museums, and family day trips with guided tours, to incredible underground dance bars, and the classiest strip joints and adult clubs around.

Prague is for families, lovers, stag and hen parties, and even a solo trip made all the better with the company of one of Prague’s finest escorts. With so much to choose from, it’s hard to nail down everything in one trip, so we’ve made it a little easier for you to figure out just how to have fun in Prague.

For the Family

Families can flock to have fun in Prague in style for one main reason: It’s one of the most affordable destinations in Europe.  If you find yourself shelling out cash for a holiday for four, prices can start to stack up pretty quickly. Prague offers exceptional and quality accommodation, dining, and sightseeing on the cheap, so your budget goes a little further.

Spend the days walking through any of Prague’s incredible markets in the Old Town Square, or exploring centuries old architecture and bridges. The city also offers families city wide scavenger hunts, so you can see the sights while playing against teams of other travellers.  There are more adventurous sites to take in as well, if that’s more of your cup of tea. Rafting trips, zip lines, and all kinds of day time adventures await the family that prefers their adrenaline pure. Many of Prague’s incredible hotels also offer babysitting services, so you and your honey can enjoy the city life knowing that the kids are safe for the evening, and you two can take the time to worry about yourselves.

For the Lovers

Romance in Prague isn’t hard to find, or afford. Luxury hotels retail for generally less than 200 euros a night, fine dining is available at every turn with food ranging from the deliciously traditional to the extravagantly contemporary.

Prague has hundreds of fascinating museums, tours, and nature walks throughout the city. It’s not difficult to walk through the Mala Strana district and find yourselves a beautiful cove in a quiet garden for some much needed alone time. Take a walk across the bridge of love after you and your SO have got a personalized lovers padlock. Then find a spot to place your little lock of love, and throw away the key to bind your love for eternity.

Have fun in Prague, enjoying the evening with a night at one of the famous beer spas, for a quirky way to relax and enjoy some grog with your love. Most spas provide full rooms with soaking tubs, saunas, and wheat beds that give you and your partner the full privacy you need while pouring your own beers from a tap that never quits.

For the Adventurer

Solo Prague can definitely be the best Prague. Start the day out by taking a selfie at the John Lennon wall. Follow it up by getting your learn on while enjoying some of the best beer in Europe with one of Prague’s beer tours. Hit up the world’s oldest clock to get a dose of the wild and weird before checking out the Sex Machines Museum.

Eat a traditional Bohemian meal, cooked by a local family in their home. Giving you the rare opportunity to have fun in Prague like the locals do, and see what the incredible culture of this beautiful city is really like. Finish off the day by hitting up any one of Prague’s incredible night clubs where you can dance the night away and meet new people. Or hire one of the cities many incredible escorts to give you a personalized tour of the city before ending the night with a personalized view of themselves.

For Everyone

Prague offers everyone a chance to indulge in whatever it is that makes them happy.  Really, when planning a trip, the sky’s the limit. Check out reviews on TripAdvisor, or chat up any friendly local at a bar, and you’re guaranteed to find yourself a spectacular time that fits your budget, and your travel style, perfectly. So really the only way not to have fun in Prague is to not go.