• Thursday , 21 March 2019

Easy Tips for Making Sex Safer

Talking about safe sex these days should be something so obvious that everyone takes it for granted. Sadly, the reality is very different and millions of people still practice unsafe sex as a first choice, especially young people. That’s what makes it so easy for STI to reproduce among the population and early pregnancy to become a plague.

As we believe in having incredible and really safe sex, we’ll bring some easy tips you can apply to make sure you’re having intercourse in a positive way, because information and education never hurt.

Get Informed

Lots of people don’t take safe sex too seriously because they’re poorly informed and always think things like “this won’t happen to me” but the truth is that STI or unwanted pregnancy can happen to everyone and most commonly to those that think they’re armored. So get on the internet and educate yourself about safe sex.

Always Get Protection (By Yourself)

Yes, the “always wear protection” cliché. But it’s the most important one, especially if we’re talking about a new partner, and ESPECIALLY if he/she insists on NOT wearing it, bring your own condom (male or female) and lub and make sure you/he wear it properly. Random one night adventures with escorts are too risky for unprotected sex.

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Get Tested

Be really careful with your intimate health and get periodically tested for both regular yeast infection or fungus and STI’s. Remember some of these infections can take some time to appear some sure you test yourself constantly. And, if you’re planning on establishing a long-term relationship and abandon condoms, make sure the other person also tests regularly.

Talk To Your Partner

Set the limits and talk about safe sex with your partner from the beginning, even after the first encounter if it’s possible and make sure both agree to it before starting the physical relationship. Also, make sure that person is trustable, sadly there’re selfish people willing to cheat on everybody just to have unprotected sex. Finally, make sure you choose a partner that won’t put all sexual responsibility on your shoulders.

Practice Monogamy

While this may sound outdated in the 21st Century, is one of the best ways to assure safer sex; if both have intercourse only with each other, it’s easier to control infections and STI. Nevertheless, if this is not for you, make sure to wear protection ALWAYS!

Protect Yourself in Every Sexual Activity

Even if you don’t have vaginal penetration, STI and infections can come from oral and anal sex and even masturbation (HPV, for example, is a skin infection so you can get it by rubbing yourself to an infected person). So, if you’re having this kind of activities with a sexually unknown person, make sure to wear protection anyway.