• Monday , 17 June 2019

5 Kinds of Women Men Should Never Date

Relationship is meant to bring joy to someone and help the other person with their problems. As men cast their nets wide in search of a perfect match, they are likely to meet different kinds of women. Some are appealing but carries undesirable characters while others are just what any man would want to date. As a piece of advice to the men, there are specific women any person should avoid dating by all means. See them here:

The needy Woman

Whether you find this one on Happy Matches or any other dating site, you should avoid them. They have endless needs that can make a man steal to please her. Once you start dating them, you should be prepared to deplete the credit card, savings and take some advances. Notably, these women are gorgeous, sexy and classy. They know how to play their cards well to get all your money. Being high spenders, you will always be in strain unless you have a stable source of income.

The Psycho Woman

Upon setting your eyes on her, this is the most beautiful woman on earth. They also know how to maintain their beauty, take care of their bills and will give you the time you need. However, the psycho is always are drama queen and one full of anger. This woman feels insecure with ease and will always keep tabs on your movement at work and social places. A man must make a decision whether they want to date this woman and go through the drama or keep off.

The Micromanaging Woman

Which man would like a woman who wants to control everything in their life? These women are always on your neck telling you what to do and what not to do. They nag even when a man wants to have some time alone and think about business or the future. They get annoyed if one ignores them or does contrary to what they want.  The micromanaging woman may be organized but they forget that others are not necessarily at their pace. They also forget that sometimes they are wrong and must listen to others for solutions.

The Ever-Critical Woman

Some women are always critical and never see a man doing a good thing. These are real dream and project killers. Keeping them at bay is the best thing if a man wants to prosper in their plans. They rarely appreciate or see a good thing in your life. One of the challenges these women have is the desire to argue a lot. When they are defeated, they tend to attack with anger.

The Ever Distressed Woman

Dating is supposed to be fun most of the times rather than an activity of always planning how to your problem from endless problems. Today they will be having financial issues and tomorrow they will be fighting with a friend or relative. If this is too much, the relationship will be dull rather than bright and enjoyable. As a man, it is for your own happiness that you keep off a damsel in distress.