• Sunday , 18 November 2018

10 signs she is a Godly woman that you can marry

Some months ago, some women from my church conducted a survey with men in their church to determine the qualities they are looking to marry. In order to achieve this, they held several bible study classes and most of their answers were an eye opener as to why they are still single.

The bible warns Christians not to be yoked with non believers. In order to marry to a Christian woman like you, these are some of the traits you will observe from a woman that love God.

  1. First you will notice that God comes first in her life;  she is prayerful and her ways are divine
  2. Her heart is beautiful; don’t marry a woman for beauty alone, a God fearing woman is respectful, kind and is not lead by body desires.

She has true love for you; a Godly woman will love you the way you are. Material women are known to love for social class, material gains but a woman of God will be there for you during your good and worse times. To learn more about learn more dating a Godly woman, click here.

  1. Honest; A God fearing woman will be honest with everything from the start of the relationship until you become serious with engagement or marrying. If you discover the woman you are about to marry lied about her past, that is not a Godly woman and she will likely be hiding more secrets.

A relationship should be built on trust.

  1. Faithful; A God fearing woman will only be with you only and not pretender like worldly ladies that hop from one guy to the other not caring if they are heartbreaking or not.

Godly woman in your area

Which are the best places to find a God fearing woman? They are offline or online dating. Offline dating can be hard at times but by luck you can be referred by your friend or interact with your single women in church. Online dating however the best is because it gives a platform where you are able to view and reply to profiles of single God fearing women.